INTERNATIONAL BOOK PROJECT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes literacy, education and global friendships by sending over 200,000 books annually to schools, libraries, churches, community organizations and Peace Corps Volunteers throughout the developing world and in the United States.


Thank You From the Philippines

Thank You: Philippines Words cannot express how appreciative we are to receive thank you letters from our partners. We thank you for being so dedicated to promoting literacy and changing the world one day at a time through packing, shipping and donating books. Here is an example of how much you mean to a school […]


Getting to Know You: AmeriCorps VISTA Edition

In late August, we welcomed a new member to the IBP Team. Charla Hamilton is serving as a member of the Plantory’s AmeriCorps VISTA network and coordinating our Books as Bridges and Local Donations Programs this year. We asked Charla a few questions and this is what she had to say– 1.¬†What drew you to […]


Why Literacy Matters

The beginning of October brings to mind thoughts of pumpkin spice lattes, brightly colored falling leaves, crisp air, and the eagerness to curl up with a good book. October is National Book Month, so what better way to bring in the fall season than to raise awareness about literacy? Generally, people think of global literacy […]

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