Kentucky Refugee Minstries

International Book Project provides every refugee family arriving in Fayette County with a bookshelf stocked with books.

Lexington Habitat for Humanity

Once a Habitat home is completed in central Kentucky, we provide a bookshelf along with a collection of books for the family to have in their new home.

Hope Center

IBP supplies books in Spanish to the Hope Center

Lexington Public Library

Through Friends of the Public Library, International Book Project receives large book donations throughout the year.

Missionary Expediters

Missionary Expediters ship great quantities of humanitarian aid cargoes regularly. In 2015, IBP shipped 13 sea containers through Missionary Expediters

Fayette Co. Sheriff's Office--Books & Badges

Books & Badges brings Fayette County Deputy Sheriffs into the classroom to read well-known children’s books with the class.

The Race for Education's Starting Gate

Starting Gate is an afterschool literacy program, in central Kentucky, created to provide middle school students from communities with a high population of low-income, minority families, and English Language Learners with academic and social support services.

International Book Project enjoys ongoing relationships with these organizations.
These partnerships facilitate our getting books to those who need them most.