The International Book Project directly addresses the needs of its receiving partners by establishing strong collaborations with communities and schools in the developing world. With their partnerships, the International Book Project assesses the capacity of the individual schools and libraries to receive and manage shipments of books. The International Book Project uses this information to determine the most effective shipment size for our partners.

      Small Shipments

      A small shipment of books weighs approximately 35 pounds and can be shipped to any organization with a valid mailing address. The International Book Project uses a third-party provider with an emphasis on international shipping. Though costly, this shipping method is the only way to reach many small, remote schools and libraries.


          A pallet typically contains 700 - 1,000 books. It is often sent to organizations that need more books than a small shipment can provide, but do not need or have funding for a sea container.

              Sea Container

              A sea container contains 10,000 - 40,000 books and can stock a University library or provide textbooks for an entire school district. Partners requesting a sea container must have the resources to transport, clear through customs, and distribute a large number of books. In most cases, IBP asks that partners contribute to the cost of shipping.

                  Books Out

                  If you are traveling to a developing country and have contacts that need books, you can come to our warehouse and pick out titles to carry with you. A small administrative fee applies. *Please note that due to expenses incurred with acquisition, Spanish book requests require 200% of the admin fee listed below.

                  Books Out

                  If you would like to take books overseas with you, but do not live in the Lexington, KY area, we can mail you the books. For a $100 donation, International Book Project will send 50-70 pounds of books to your U.S. address. So that we may know more about your project, please complete our small shipment application. (Application can be found under the Get Books tab)

                  International Book Project Van Meter Building 1440 Delaware Avenue, Lexington, KY 40505
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