Thank You: Bunda Rural Library Project

Sometimes our words of thanks don’t do justice about how grateful we are for everyone that helps us achieve our mission of promoting literacy by donating, packing, and shipping books. Luckily, the gratitude we receive from our partners reinforces how thankful we are to be joined in this mission with you.

Here is a little snippet of how you are helping us change lives –

“Both our board of trustees, the entire COPRECOT staff and people of Bunda district in the northern zone of Tanzania takes this opportunity to extend so many thanks to your donors who provided funding for book shipment donated to us by the foundation International Book Project of the United States.

The books are expected to foster development to local communities in Bunda, the district that is ranked the poorest of all the 169 districts forming Tanzania, the district whose 32% of its total population doesn’t know how to read, write or count!! More importantly these books are expected to alleviate the one book per seventeen pupils problem currently facing the105 primary and secondary schools existing in the district.

Beneficiaries of the book donation from the International Book Project (IBP) are the rural library based in Bunda with readers estimated at 8,500 and 105 schools benefitting more than 11,610 pupils’.

Some books will help local communities in the protection of the environment from further degradation, increase food production and adjust to the negative impacts of climate change. Some books will be used by the Youth Empowerment Centre that is already existing in the district to provide the youth, widows, the disabled and orphans with training on trade courses like carpentry, tailoring, masonry, computer application skills, car mechanics etc , focusing to enabling them to become self reliant.

To making sure that every community member is reached by services of the rural library, some books being mentioned will be used for setting up mini libraries at the division level.

As more books are still needed to fulfil the above need, we appeal to donors to provide more support to the International Books project so that it can be able to send us more books.

Thanks very much once again for the contribution you have provided to transform lives of people in the rural district of Bunda, Mara region, the northern Tanzania.”

– Bunda Rural Library Project