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International Book Project is fortunate to work with individuals who understand the power of books. We value all commitments, no matter the size. If you are interested in organizing a fundraising event IBP would be more than happy to help! We can provide a presentation to show potential donors or send you information to generate awareness of our mission.


Why We Need Your Help

International Book Project is a small organization doing big things! With a staff of four, IBP depends on the hard work and steadfast commitment of its volunteers. Thanks to these volunteers, IBP is able to send more than 280,000 books to over 70 developing countries each year.

What Volunteers Do at IBP

  • Cleaning and sorting books in the warehouse - Volunteers sort books and organize the warehouse. We operate more efficiently when our warehouse is organized. We receive donations of books five days a week, ensuring there's always something for volunteers to do.
      • Packing books - IBP sends more than 10 sea containers per year. Most of these contianers are packed and shipped directly from our warehouse. IBP's volunteers organize, record, and box the 10,000-20,000 books necessary to fill just one container.
          • Other Talents or Skills - We appreciate fresh ideas. If you have any skills or thoughts regarding warehouse organization, graphic design, or bookstore cataloguing, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator!
              • Organizing a Book Drive or Event — IBP values innovative ways to raise funds and awareness for our mission. Many groups hold book or fundraising drives or carry out service projects. We would be happy to provide informational materials to help you ge started!

How to Get Started

  • Signing up to volunteer - Contact Charla Hamilton by email, or by phone at 859-254-6771 to schedule your volunteer service.
      • Volunteering hours - Monday through Friday, 9 am - 5 pm, by appointment.
          • Large groups IBP limits our large groups to 15 volunteers. If your group is interested in volunteering, please contact Charla Hamilton at or at 859-254-6771. Because most volunteer tasks involve warehouse work, IBP does not accept volunteers younger than 15.